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Doug Anderson Drive CD

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From the GMA/Dove Award-winning Christian Country artist who is also known as the baritone vocalist in Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. At this point in his life, Anderson is living the title cut --enjoying the journey, but letting God be the one to 'Drive.' Grammy-nominated and GMA/Dove Award-winning producer/songwriter Wayne Haun is again at the helm, bringing life to classics like Dolly Parton's 'The Seeker,' as well as original heartfelt ballads and contagious upbeat melodies. Doug Anderson spends as many days on the road as possible (due to his world-wide tour schedule with EHSS and his own solo dates), but he is just as committed to carving out quality time with his biggest fans -- his light-of-his-life wife and daughters.

Artikelnummer: 3128

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